Turnigy Spinner Nut Pliers


Turnigy Spinner Nut Pliers

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At last – a tool designed specifically for tightening and loosening propeller spinner style nuts on planes, multi-rotors or anything else with opposing holes in the nut!

How often have you searched around for just the right sized screwdriver or Allen key to tighten a spinner nut, only to bend it when you do?

This handy tool is designed to take all of the hassle out of the job and is a perfect size to fit into any tool box. Simply locate the pins into the holes on the spinner nut, close the pliers and twist – it couldn’t be easier!

While you’re about it, why not buy one for your workshop and one for the flight box?

Max opening: 20mm
Size: 80 x 40 x 8mm (closed)
Weight: 27g

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